Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Butterfly Bliss

Today the Yellow Swallowtails were visiting. There were 6 just having the best time. Hard to get a good picture. They were just all over the English Dogwood. Beautiful. DSCN1706

Someone, in one of my newsletters ( and I can’t for the life of me remember who) ask for postcards to be sent to the WhiteHouse on March 16. Of course I had to jump in. They need all the encouragement they can get. Watercolor it was. Simple. To the point.DSCN1690

Not up for rewards but it was fun. the stars shine. You just can’t see it in the photo.

This was an order for birthday pop-up boxes. Great fun coming up with so many different ideas. Hope they enjoy !DSCN1671

Having really enjoyed making the pop-up box cards,I am really enjoying the z-fold box. My niece had a birthday and has had a challenge lately so she needed a special card. Fun to make ….a little time consuming but isn’t that what  it is all about… doing something special for someone who is special ?DSCN1682

DSCN1697 (2)

And More

SoSusy says I need to add more info. Maybe later.DSCN1696 (2)

DSCN1694 (2)Well, I knew it would be difficult but still trying to keep up with the color challenge. These are finished except for sentiments which will come when I need to send one out.

DSCN1695 (2)